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Belinda McElroy(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography on Facebook.
Patricia Trumbull Howell Copp(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your talent. So many of your photos are worthy of framing for a lifetime of enjoyment.
You are great at shooting portraits :)
You are great at shooting portraits :)
All photos from album Sodus Bay / Lake Ontario have distinctive colors :)
josie naeye(non-registered)
Cathy, great choices for you 2014 cal, save one for meeeeee.......
Jan Ferry-Axman(non-registered)
Wow! wow! WOW! Incredible beauty captured! Yeah for my finding such great work! Yeah for the Sodus area...getting such an artist to document the beauty! Not only beautiful photos but a great opportunity to showcase Sodus to the world. You are a wonderful and talented Artist! I will do all I can to promo Sodus and Your great work. Thank You Thank You!
diane hendershot(non-registered)
your pictures are absolutely beautiful, I love how you capture one of the best places in wayne county. great job. can't wait to order some of your prints.
floyd mcgovern(non-registered)
you've really captured the beauty of Sodus Point and surrounding waters! I encounter people that have never heard of this place or have never been here, hopefully they will see this collection of great photos!!
Carol Burghdorf(non-registered)
Thank you, for capturing the most beautiful photos from the most beautiful place in the world!!! I'll be ordering some soon! I agree with Chris, don't ever stop taking pics! You make us all less homesick!
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