BREAKING NEWS: 2014 Calendar now available

This has been a fantastic experience. First, re-living thousands of images of individual moments, then picking 13 images for this first project. Then finding a way to produce it and ways to make it available, and finally - hitting the Publish button. I hope the images bring good memories, thoughts and dreams, and provide a little escape on a regular basis.

I will have copies of the calendar available; you can pick them up, I can drop them off, or I can mail to you if you'd rather not buy online. I can also print any of the photos on my web site or Facebook as needed in various sizes. $18.99 + shipping and tax through, or $20 including tax if you pick up from me; add $3 to mail to you. If you'd like to get your computer tuned up when you pick up your calendar, let me know :)


This place is beautiful.

I have a camera, I take pictures. If you like them, I'm glad. If you'd like to see some on a regular basis by buying some images, that's good with me. If you'd like to send your friends here, that would be cool, too. If you ended up here because you need help with your computer, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cathy Contant